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In 1995, when Vergel “Nene” Aguilar was elected City Mayor, his wife Imelda “Mel” Aguilar, took on the roles of President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the family-owned realty business Veraville Development Corporation and First Lady of Las Piñas.

A former teacher at a Zapote Elementary School where she taught for seven years, Mel took to the role quite quickly.

Mrs. Mel provided the perfect complement to her husband’s astute business sense. Always on the go and extremely sociable, Mel’s typical day was spent doing inspections, supervising meetings, making speeches and attending baptisms and weddings. Being a firm believer in adding a personal touch to her work, Mrs. Mel is known to sometimes personally read and answer constituents’ letters.

With Mrs. Mel at the helm of Las Piñas’ Clean and Green project, Las Piñas was awarded as the Cleanest and Greenest City in National Capital Region (NCR) in 1996. Las Piñas went on to win the award for three consecutive years and was inaugurated into the Clean and Green Hall of Fame.

“Constant monitoring is integral to the success of any program,” says Mel about the work ethic that is behind the success of her projects.

“I always set the standard by which I expect my people to live up to. But I never forget to put in what I call a ‘personal touch’”.

Mrs. Mel’s role as First Lady prepared her taking on the position of mayor in 2004 where her trademark compassionate leadership brought more progress, pride and recognition to the City of Las Piñas.