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City Mayor and Vice Mayor inaugurate new funeral chapels

City Mayor Imelda Aguilar and Vice Mayor April Aguilar led the inauguration of 11 new funeral chapels at the Las Piñas City Public Crematorium and Columbarium on Thursday, January 25th. The event, held in Barangay Ilaya, marked the expansion of the city's essential services to its residents, especially underprivileged families.


The newly unveiled PWD-friendly chapels will be a part of the city's "Libreng Libing" program which provides free burial service with wifi for 3 days and 2 nights. This effort is a key component of the Green Card Program, a hallmark initiative of the Aguilar family, which has significantly contributed to improving healthcare access in Las Piñas. By subsidizing healthcare services at accredited facilities, this program has been instrumental in easing the financial burdens of countless families across the city.


During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Mel paid tribute to the late Mayor Nene Aguilar, who initiated this project. Her commendation highlighted the continuity of the Aguilar family's legacy in prioritizing the health and welfare of the city's residents.


The addition of these funeral chapels to the Public Crematorium and Columbarium, with staff to assist 24/7, reflects Las Piñas City's ongoing efforts to offer comprehensive support to its residents in their times of need. Incorporating these chapels into the existing Libreng Libing and Green Card programs, the city administration underscores its dedication to maintaining the dignity and well-being of its citizens, enhancing the quality of community life in Las Piñas.