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Housing and Estate Development Board conducts NHA housing unit and lot raffle

The Housing and Estate Development Board (HED-BOARD) of Las Piñas City successfully conducted a raffle for housing units and lot allocations under the National Housing Authority (NHA) program on Friday, January 26th in Barangay Pulanglupa Uno.


This event was attended by notable city officials including City Vice Mayor April Aguilar and City Councilors Henry Medina, Mark Anthony Santos, John Jess Bustamante, Danilo Hernandez, and Robert Cristobal, along with city department heads. The initiative is part of the broader vision of the Las Piñas local government to foster an inclusive community where every resident has access to basic necessities, including affordable housing.


Vice Mayor Aguilar, during the event, highlighted the importance of the raffle in promoting social equity and inclusivity.


The HED-BOARD's initiative aligns with the national government's agenda to provide sustainable and inclusive urban development. By collaborating with the NHA, Las Piñas City continues to demonstrate its commitment in promoting the welfare and well-being of its residents.