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City Health continues pneumonia vax efforts for senior citizens

The City Health Office of Las Piñas successfully organized another free vaccination drive on Friday, January 26th. This event took place at the Golden Acres Covered Court in Barangay Talon Singko, further extending the city's health services to over 800 senior citizens. 


The initiative was part of a series of vaccination drives aimed at bolstering the health of senior citizens, who are more susceptible to respiratory diseases. The choice of location, Golden Acres Covered Court, ensured accessibility for many residents of Barangay Talon Singko, facilitating a high turnout.


City Vice Mayor April Aguilar, present at the event, highlighted the importance of these vaccination drives. She emphasized that senior citizens are a vital part of our community, and the city stays committed to its duty to ensure their health and safety.


The City Health Office of Las Piñas has been steadfast in its commitment to public health, particularly in safeguarding the health of its older residents. The success of this vaccination drive at Golden Acres Covered Court is a continuation of the city's proactive approach to healthcare, ensuring that its senior citizens receive the necessary support and protection against health risks.