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850 new voctech Las Piñas Training center graduates to gain employment

Las Piñas Mayor Vergel Nene Aguilar expressed confidence that the 850 new graduates from various vocational and technical courses at the Las Piñas City Manpower Training Center will soon find gainful employment locally and abroad.

The new graduates, members of Batch 131, attended daily sessions from July to September this year.

Aguilar said the graduates who enjoyed free training in various courses, may also start their own home-based or backyard business to augment their families’ income.

He said many local industries and companies are offering employment to graduates with special technical vocational skills.

Noting bigger demand for skilled workers overseas, Aguilar said graduates of the center will also have the opportunity to apply for work abroad.

The Manpower Training Center offers courses on automotive servicing, commercial cooking, consumer electronics, food and beverages services, hairdressing, massage therapy, personal computer operations, refrigeration and aircon servicing, shielded metal arc welding, industrial electricity, cellphone repair, housekeeping, and travel services.

Aguilar encouraged out-of-school youths and unemployed adults in the city to avail the free training courses provided by the training center which was awarded by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as one of the Most Outstanding Skills Training Centers in the country.