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Infrastructure Development

The rapid modernization of Las Piñas can be attributed to local government’s resolve to give precedence on infrastructure projects. Budgetary constraints did not deter the administration of Mayor Vergel Aguilar from pursuing massive infrastructure developments to address the need of its dynamic communities.

These vital infrastructure enhance efficiency in service to the residents and opened up gateways for business opportunities strengthening the economic development of the city.

Projects like conduction of more school building and pre-school centers are on-going to address the growing number of students in public schools in the city. The concreting, repair and rehabilitation of road network and bridges have been periodically undertaken to ease the flow of traffic and prevent vehicular accident. With well-maintained road networks and bridges, infrastructure developments foster positive business environment and make Las Piñas beneficial target for investors.

As part of climate change and disaster adaptation measures, infrastructures are being strengthened to avert or cushion its impact on lives and properties Government structures have been retrofitted and private building owners were encouraged to comply with necessary preventive steps. Other measures being pursued are rip-rapping works over Las Piñas River and creeks and upgrading of drainage system in some critical areas in the city.