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Historical Milestone

1979- The appointment of Fray Diego Cera, the visionary Agustinian priest, to Las Piñas. His arrival in the once sleepy village of Las Piñas, a barrio of Parañaque, had steered the way to its earliest development.

1819- Established of Las Piñas Church (Saint Joseph Parish Church) through the guidance of fray Diego Cera. The Church served as an important social and cultural landmark then and up to now.

It was also during this period that saw the construction of roads and bridges. New industries were born like dye making, salt production, and handicrafts.

1880- Dark period in the history of Las Piñas. The residents became an easy prey to roaming bandits that caused death and destruction of properties. Hundreds succumbed to the successive outbreaks of the cholera and smallpox.

1896- The outbreak of the Philippines revolution against Spain turned Las Piñas into a battle field of several bloody encounters between the revolutionary forces of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and the Spanish troops.

1901- Las Piñas separated from Cavite and incorporated into the province of Rizal pursuant to Philippine Commission Act No. 137.

March 27 1907 – Las Piñas was declared an independent municipality of Rizal province by virtue of Philippines Commission Act No. 1625. It separated from the town of Parañaque and became an autonomous municipality.