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Las Piñas believes that providing care and support is an equal and important component of education.

This is the heart of the “Educare” program founded with assistance from the Nene Aguilar Foundation designed to provide a better head start for underprivileged children of the city.

Nursery students are given free milk and nutritional food feeding. Free uniforms and school supplies are given to elementary and high school children.

More than 2,000 young children in the city benefit from the “Educare” program every year.

The program goes on to ensure that Las Piñas residents are provided with employable skills through manpower training undertaken by the Aguilar administration since 1995.

Training courses include electronics, dressmaking and tailoring, stuffed toy making, driving, radio-TV repair, computer education and other entrepreneurial skills. More than 2,000 residents and out of school youths receive training each year.

Manpower training and livelihood centers and its satellites are located across the different barangays in Las Piñas.

Contact the Public Employment Services Office (PESO) for employment referrals and job fairs.


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