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Taxpayers' Lounge

In Las Piñas, you are B.O.S.S. At least when you need to get something done at City Hall.

The newly renovated city hall boasts of a modern and well-equipped public office dubbed “B.O.S.S” or the Business One-Stop Shop Center.

The new Taxpayers’ Lounge looks more like a hotel lobby than a business office and is a mixture of efficiency and comfort. Taxpayers can sit back in plush sofas and enjoy free flowing coffee and juice and free Wi-Fi access. The elderly even have an express priority lane.

Along physical renovation of the premises, the Las Piñas City government implemented a new system which simplifies and fast tracks the process of securing business permits with the:

  • Computerization of all business transactions
  • Automation of all business transactions
  • Automation of the business permit and license tax system and operations of all departments and offices.

Under the new system, applicants only need to fill up a business renewal application form, pay the corresponding fees at the city treasurer, and proceed to the Business Permit and Licensing Office for the release of permit. All the steps are located in one office so the system is faster.

The city government also offers a “No requirements, No Audit” policy as long as applicants are willing to pay 20% higher over and above their 2010 business tax payment. Applicants for renewal of business permits under this policy will be given priority and provided a priority lane for faster processing.


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