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Water Lily Festival

Water lilies are known to thrive in bodies of water, growing up to a height of 40 inches. While they also provide useful organisms to underwater life, they multiply rather quickly and as such, clog waterways, block drainage systems, and cause floods.

But these pesky water lilies, once seen as aquatic nuisances that would cause the Prinza River in Las Piñas to overflow now have an alternative use. Under the Livelihood Skills Program of the “Water Lily Weaving Project” of the Villar Foundation, water lilies are being made into handicrafts, launch livelihood projects and used as an effective tool to rehabilitate the very communities it they once adversely affected.

How it works

The recycling process is straightforward.

Once harvested, the plants are dried under the sun and then cured in an oven. Then they cut, and bent around a wire frame and dyed before they are woven into craft articles.

  1. Step 1 Water Lily Stalk Harvesting
  2. Step 2 Sun drying
  3. Step 3 Oven drying
  4. Step 4 Wire cutting
  5. Step 5 Wire bending
  6. Step 6 Wire frame welding
  7. Step 7 Weaving
  8. Step 8 Trimming
  9. Step 9 Blow torching
  10. Step 10 Glue application
  11. Step 11 Varnishing
  12. Step 12 Finished product

The finished items are tissue holders, baskets, hampers, and other products. Each item is sold per piece and the amount of money one takes home depends on one’s diligence. Because output is directly rewarded, workers are motivated to be more productive.

Cynthia Villar highlighted the importance of water lily in improving the lives of Las Piñas residents by declaring the 27th of July as the day of the Water Lily Festival.

For more information, please contact:

The Villar Foundation, Inc.

Caroline Masibay Street,

BF Resort Village, Talon 2, Las Piñas City

Tel # 874-9238, 872-0735, 872-8540



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