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Las Piñas prides itself on prioritizing health care, especially during the term of then Mayor Imelda Aguilar. With the belief that the foundation of good governance is through healthy citizenry, the local government created next-door health services of affordable quality.

All city residents have free hospitalization benefits, and can also avail of free regular medical check-up and consultation. Residents may even get free access to laboratory services and certain types of medication. Recently, there were 28 modern health centers constructed in all the towns, and Modern Free Maternity Centers were built as well. Residents now have more options in terms of health care. The local government also worked on improving medical and dental services by adding younger and more efficient doctors, as well as health volunteers, in the different health centers all over the city.

Demographic profile:
  • No. of health and dental centers: 28
  • No. of lying-in: 1
  • No. of public health physicians: 36
  • No. of health nurses: 46
  • No. of public health midwives: 73
  • No. of health dentists: 28
  • No. of hospitals (public): 1
  • No. of hospitals (private): 8
  • No. of private medical clinics: 22
  • No. of private dental clinics: 12

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