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Services Offered

Urban Poor Renewal and Development

Through the Urban Poor Renewal and Development Program, the Aguilar Administration has been providing decent housing and livelihood opportunities to more than 20,000 families since 1995.

The program focuses on several aspects of human development to address poverty alleviation from a holistic point of view, thereby giving residents a better life, whilst preserving their dignity and self-esteem.

Displaced and homeless residents have been moved to resettlement sites and given land titles so they have a place they can call their own.

Continuous land and on-site development through construction and improvement of roads, drainage systems and water supply coupled with on-site livelihood training complete the total development objectives of the urban poor renewal program.

In 2008, Las Piñas was awarded a Galing Pook Award for its remarkable effort in improving the living conditions of informal settlers in the city through its Land and Shelter for the Homeless Program.


Other Services

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